Driving age should be lowered

You can vote, adopt children, sign up for Iraq or become a commercial pilot at In travelling to England recently, where the legal drinking age is set at eighteen, I have observed how Americans visiting, studying, or living in England who are in the eighteen to twenty year old range treat drinking completely differently than the eighteen to twenty-year olds here.

Taking that chance seems irresponsible. What if writing exercises for fiction writers pdf mental health articles pdf mmu moodle. This is because year olds would then be able to experience moderate drinking in bars, restaurants, and other venues where there is supervision.

Should the driving age be lowered essay

We are expected to be responsible and reliable and our parents should be the judge of this. This can lead to fights, unsafe sex, and other detrimental behaviors that could carry a lifetime of consequences.

I have grown up riding motorbikes, driving tractors and at the age of ten I had my own car that I could drive around my place. Respectively, if youths were officially allowed to consume alcohol from 18 years old, this index of car accidents would necessarily be much higher.

Can I do a hand-brake turn like on the movies. After we have proven our ability and road code knowledge there should be extra terms and conditions attached to our license.

This is because it will reduce the amount of people that become injured to due alcohol or that simply die because of alcohol poisoning who fail, or have others fail, to report their injuries to the police or the ambulance out of fear of legal consequences for underage drinking.

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No consquences makes for poor decisions. Lastly, lowering the drinking age would be monetarily beneficial to the country overall. This all has people thinking — would lowering the drinking age be of any benefit to society.

Let me know what you guys think just by the first few paragraphs or so. One study, conducted in Irelandfound alcohol to be the most prevalent date rape drug. By allowing even a supervised drinking ability for those in this age bracket, it could reduce or eliminate risky drinking behaviors that can lead to bad decisions.

18 Interesting Pro Lowering the Drinking Age Statistics

The minimum legal drinking age should be lowered, period. This argument is nothing new. Life would be much easier for everybody if I could be independent.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivingin the highest drunk driving rates were found amongst those ages 21 to 25 It is clear through the prevalence and dangers of binge drinking among college students and the high percentage of DUI and alcohol-related accidents and deaths that something needs to change in this country.

Even though the minimum legal drinking age is 21, many under 21 still consume alcohol at some point. In2, people ages 16 to 20 died in alcohol-related fatalities on U. After age 25, the drunk driving rates decrease.

The money that goes towards enforcing the drinking age could then be used for law enforcement and protection of other, more serious crimes that happen in this country.

Many opponents to the lowering of the drinking age argue that it will result in more alcohol-related accidents and deaths, especially while driving. Instead, it only drives underage drinking underground, creating a dangerous culture of irresponsible and extreme drinking.

Should The Driving Age Be Lower?

That's the first point. The oldest minimum age for driving is in New Jersey at 17 years old. But, there are an increasing number of restrictions that vary by state for drivers under Restrictions include night driving, the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle, mobile phone usage and more.

Should the legal alcohol drinking age be lowered to eighteen? At the age of eighteen years old, you are eligible to vote, you can legally purchase cigarettes, you are eligible for the military draft, you are willing to die for this country, you are even able to serve on a jury, and you are titled as an adult at the age of eighteen.

Driving age could be lowered to 16

In the majority of states, the minimum age for unsupervised driving is In Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, and South Carolina, the minimum age is South Dakota is the only state where unsupervised drivers can be as young as There are fewer drunk driving accidents in countries with lower drinking ages.

In many countries around the world, the legal drinking age is already In these countries, they have seen a greater reduction of drunken driving accidents than the United States, where the legal age is Why Should the Driving Age Be Lowered?

A: Though there is typically little support for lowering the driving age, proponents of the idea have suggested that allowing teenagers to drive earlier would.  Should the driving age in Australia be lowered If the driving age in Australia was lowered to 17 the road toll would rise by 20 per cent in the first year alone.

The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered, Fast

The pressure to lower the driving age is the greatest in Victoria as it is the state with the highest driving age.

Driving age should be lowered
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