Pedicular osteosynthesis

Basic implants screws or hooks remain the same, whatever stiffness has been chosen. No change in tightening was observed after 10 million cycles during a 3Hz frequency bending test with a N load.

The extension piece may therefore no get lost. The second and third stages are the intermediate stages. The mean delay in presentation to the department after sustaining fracture was 86 days range 22— days. The invention remedies this situation by terminating the screw thread 18 for anchoring in the pedicle in the substantially tangential region All these elements except the pedicular screws 1 and the connection elements 3 are known per se and therefore need no special description.


Easyspine system Postero-lateral loading is facilitated due to the rod loading point which is close to the entry point inside the pedicle. When inserted into the axial bore of the polyaxial housing the threads of the set screw come into contact with the threads on the inner walls of the posts There exists therefore a clearance between this wall 17 and the wall of the part 3 delineating the cavity 25, this clearance enabling the angular orientation of the stud 6 with respect to the base portion 7.

The top of the head of the screw is of a generally convex semispherical shape 18 and includes an indentation in the form of a wrench engaging Pedicular osteosynthesis The cup-shaped cap 40 is arranged to proceed downwardly within the axial bore of the polyaxial housing until the bottom of the cross-connector comes into contact with the rod The vertebral osteosynthesis equipment of claim 3wherein the spiral form of said metal wire comprises a plurality of contiguous spires.

Several patents teach the use of a pedicle screw system which appear to provide several degrees of freedom i. The assembly is composed of a screw 12, a polyaxial housing 20, a washer 34, a set screw 48, and a cup-shaped cap Single integrated connection Self-contained locking component The locking device is already part of the pedicular screw or hook.

For example, it is obvious that the end portion 12 may have any suitable profile other than that described, the same being true of the corresponding two flats 31 of the ancillary device There were no neurovascular complications. This screwing would enable, if necessary, to use the extension piece 5 to bring the part 3 against the base portion 7.

The shoulder 16 may act as a support for a device or an associated connection element 3. The vertebral osteosynthesis equipment of claim 2wherein said first and second positioning elements are configured to axially connect the proximal threaded stud with the extension piece.

It is known that, substantially, spondylolisthesis is the forward displacement of a vertebra relative to its lower neighbour. Computer-assisted surgery, neuronavigation, pedicle screw, spine fracture, challenging spinal trauma Although majority of spine fractures can be treated conservatively, surgical stabilization is warranted in grossly unstable fractures and in presence of concomitant neurological deficits.

Fracture fixation was done with three parallel 6. Owing to the provision of the profiled end portion 12, the engagement of the pedicular screw 1 by the ancillary device 14 no longer occurs in the central region of the screw, as described in said patent 2but at the free end of the screw.

This capacity allows it to adapt to and among the various pedicular sight angulations and to direct the flattened part of the rod according to the desired lordosis plane. We report a retrospective analysis of 48 cases of neglected femoral neck fracture treated by internal fixation and tensor fascia latae based muscle pedicle bone grafting.

Another advantage afforded by this arrangement of the anchoring screw thread 18 resides in the fact that, when it is desired to effect a bicortical anchorage by reaching the opposite cortical part of the vertebra and with the screw thread length corresponding to the length of the passage through the vertebra, the surgeon is informed of the desired final position of the screw thread.

WO1994010928A1 - Pedicular screw and posterior spinal instrumentation - Google Patents

Implant manufacturing processes and notably, those of the pedicular screws, were designed in order to reduce machining constraints and increasing their reliability. It ensures its harmlessness and perfect operational condition. Such operation leads to successive trials and errors until adequate form is obtained.

As shown on FIG. An optimal securing of the apparatus would involve utilizing more of the surface area of the head of the screw. There results therefrom that the equipment is placed more quickly and more reliably.

The rod is connected to other pedicle screw assemblies, not shown, and thus keeps the bone segments in an immobilized state. Each connection element 3 is in one piece and the screw thread 9 corresponding to the region of penetration of the screw in the pedicle terminates in an annular shoulder 16 against which the connection element bears which is separated by a smooth part 15 from the screw thread 11 outside the region of penetration in the pedicle.

Muscle pedicle bone grafting has been advocated to provide additional blood supply to the femoral head.

Pedicle screw

Such a screw system would allow the rod to be bent to achieve fixation between two different points while adjusting to any imperfections in the bend.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 1,P Gillet and others published [Value of a short osteosynthesis with pedicular fixation in the treatment of unstable dorso-lumbar spinal fractures. Pedicle screws. desired fixation of the screw, bone cement, having a defined viscosity, can be injected through the augmentation screw into the vertebral body.

/5(9). Loading the rod on to the Easyspine ® screws or hooks is still easy, even when the difference in pedicular screw angulation, one in relation to the other, is significant in opposition to.

Augmented osteosynthesis with tensor fascia latae muscle pedicle bone grafting in neglected femoral neck fracture. 16 Other vascularized pedicular bone grafts used for fracture neck of femur 17 include sartorius, encouraging osteosynthesis and revascularization of the femoral head.

Fracture of a pedicle is a rare complication of spinal instrumentation using pedicular screws, but it can lead to instability and pain and may necessitate extension of the fusion. Osteosynthesis. Augmented osteosynthesis with tensor fascia latae muscle pedicle bone grafting in neglected femoral neck fracture.

16 Other vascularized pedicular bone grafts used for fracture neck of femur 17 include sartorius, encouraging osteosynthesis and revascularization of the femoral head.

Pedicular osteosynthesis
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