Tata nano summary

Whether it is successful in its objective or not, only time will tell. Radical Change in Positioning: Tata Motors should think of launching special editions of the car targeting the Female drivers.

The questionnaire designed to determine the customer satisfaction was framed using the following parameters: The automobile market in India shows that two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India vastly outsell four-wheeled cars.

Its assembled in its two factories atPantnagar and at Uttarakhand and also have a mother plant at Sanand Gujarat.

Tata Nano GenX XE

It also attracts the small cars buyers like Maruti According to Ratan Naval Tata Chairman of Tata Groupthe need for an innovation like Nano has got to do something for the people of India and transport. Adithya while selecting a car, the consumers considers many factors like price, fuel economy ,driving comfortmaintenance costattractive modelstatus symbolresale valuelatest technology and brand image and in India companies try to use these factors as differentiating planks to develop their positioning strategies.

There are four distribution centres in Peninsular Malaysia i. But Tata has a disadvantage, too. Four doors with high seating position make ingress and egress easy. The booming economy and the accelerated growth of lower middle class has generated very high demand for small cars.

Depending on the country, in this case India there is a specific environmental requirement, and if not will it meet the needs of other countries the rest of Asia and Africa. Even village garages could assemble it, creating a unique distribution channel for rural areas.

The challenge of reaching dispersed, low — income consumers in emerging markets often spurs significant innovation. Focus group ended up with innovative findings, which helped us in going further on the research. The complex buying behavior people seek a lot of information before they actually buy any product.

Ratan Tata's vision became reality when the car was designed in but it was not unveiled until at New Delhi auto expo. Positioning is all about getting the right position; but the game remains absolutely psychological.

Fuel inlet is accessed by opening the front hood. This car can be priced in the segment of WeissSuggested that positioning should also has an element of social accountability.

At the road show, people also can get the experience with Tata Nano by have the opportunities to drive the Tata Nano car before purchase it.

Consumer Behavior Toward “Tata Nano’’ in the Context of Bangladesh

So, this report analyses the evolution of Tata Nano, how its positioning strategy has changed over time and what is the brand perception in todays tech-savvy fast paced people. TNM is also confident that production and distribution costs will fall as sales volume increases and the low price of Nano cars will help to keep out competition and maintain its low-price position.

Bosch removed of the 1, functions of its European-market engine control module. And also will provide them warranty to the Tata Nano.

Tata Nano-Case Study

Maruti is slowly moving out. Determining the trends in steel, rubber and other raw material prices. Because of the intense perception of class position in India, it turns out that many poor people would rather buy a used, higher-end car than buy a Nano, which would mark them as poor.

Jan 30,  · From chapter three in the very beginning was the piece about Tata Nano and his newly created vehicle the "nano". The use of ethos here is to catch the whole worlds attention and even people who are already owners of a vehicle.

10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world. It is sold in home country India around Rs 1- lakh i.e approximately USD It is manufactured by Tata Motor Limited, the largest automobile company in India.

Tata Nano Case Analysis Words Nov 30th, 16 Pages Introduction: The Tata group is one of the largest automobile companies in India and ranks sixth.

Marketing Research – Perception Towards Tata “Nano”

May 20,  · In summary, the Nano AMT can be a good city commuter for those on a budget. Don't take it out on the highway unless you absolutely need to. Tata appears to be in agreement, as the vehicle is being marketed as a 'smart city car'.

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The Tata Nano Project - Making of the World's Cheapest Car

It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. Tata Nano is an ambitious project of Tata Motors and is a new concept altogether, which is to launch a low cost car India - Tata Nano Business Plan Essay introduction.

World's cheapest car too much bang for the buck

As a Project Manager of this project I will follow the project life cycle of the project and will describe the various stages.

Tata nano summary
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